Veterinary Alliance for Leadership, Inclusion, and Diversity

What is VALID?

We are a DVM student-run organization that works closely with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at UF CVM. Our main goals are to educate others on topics regarding diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine, to empower those from under-represented communities, and to promote an open, safe, and inclusive environment at UF CVM. We collaborate with our local Gainesville community by creating opportunities for dialogue regarding local events, policy, and change.

Our History:

This student organization was founded in 2013 by Drs. Rachel Warnes, Florence Whitehill, and Andrew Torchia. At the time, it was called “Full Spectrum Veterinary Alliance” and was an organization dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community at UF CVM. As time went on, the student leaders recognized a need for an inclusive organization that supported all marginalized groups at the college. Thus, in 2018, the Diversity and Inclusion Veterinary Alliance (DIVA) was born. DIVA established several events at the college as well as a relationship with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at UF CVM. In the summer of 2020, the organization went through a final name change to VALID: Veterinary Alliance for Leadership, Inclusion, and Diversity. This name better represents our priorities and the organization’s goals. The new logo includes the upward moving arrows, reflecting leadership, progress, and empowerment.

VALID Club Logo

Event Highlights:

  • ASL for Vet Med
  • Vet Med for Black Lives fundraiser
  • AAPI in Vet Med panelist event
  • Spanish for Vet Med
  • Pride Week celebration
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month celebration
  • Deaf/HOH panel
  • MLK Day of Service
  • Vet School: Ask Me Anything panel
  • Holiday Donation Drive
  • And much more!

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The 2022-2023 VALID Team:

Student Officers

DVM Student, Giselle La Hoz

Giselle La Hoz
VALID President

DVM Student, Aparna Mukerji

Aparna Mukerji
VALID Vice President

DVM Student, Ashlyn Frahn

Ashlyn Frahn
VALID Treasurer

DVM Student, Gianna Goldman

Gianna Goldman
VALID Secretary

DVM Student, Ariana West

Ariana West
VALID Merchandise Chair

DVM Student, Allyson Sabatelli

Allyson Sabatelli
VALID Social Media and Outreach Coordinator

DVM Student, Maya Henning

Maya Henning
VALID First-Year Class Representative

DVM Student, Laura Roldan

Laura Roldan
VALID First-Year Class Representative

VALID Advisors

Lisa L Farina
Department: Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine

Lisa L Farina

Clinical Associate Professor – Anatomic Pathology
Michael V Bowie
Department: College of Veterinary Medicine Dean's Office

Michael V Bowie

Assistant Dean and Clinical Assistant Professor