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Allison L O'Kell,

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department: Small Animal Clinical Sciences
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About Allison L O'Kell

I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and attended veterinary school at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan (Class of 2008). I then completed a rotating Small Animal Medicine and Surgery internship at the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine followed by a combined Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency and Master’s degree at the same institution. I became board certified in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2012. I have been employed in both private practice and academic settings. I have been studying diabetes in dogs at the University of Florida since 2016 and am currently supported by an NIH K08 Career Development Award. My research focus is canine diabetes pathogenesis and early disease biomarker discovery.


Outstanding Master’s Student Award
2012 · Virginia Tech
Award in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
2008 · American Animal Hospital Association
Faculty Gold Medal
2008 · University of Saskatchewan
Wyeth First General Proficiency Award
2008 · University of Saskatchewan

Board Certifications

  • Diplomate, Small Animal Internal Medicine
    American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Research Profile

My research focus is canine diabetes pathogenesis and early disease biomarker discovery. I am currently supported by a 5 year NIH K08 Career Development Award entitled “Evaluating canine diabetes as a novel means to understand the human disease.” My research centers on naturally occurring disease in client owned animals. Other research interests include canine and feline diabetes therapeutics, research regulation and ethics, and canine and feline internal medicine.

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Areas of Interest
  • Diabetes – canine and feline
  • Naturally occurring animal disease models
  • Small animal internal medicine
  • Veterinary research regulation and ethics


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Diplomate, Small Animal Internal Medicine
2012 · American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Master of Science, Biomedical and Veterinary Science
2009-2012 · Virginia Tech
Resident, Small Animal Internal Medicine
2009-2012 · Virginia Tech
Intern, Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
2008-2009 · Virginia Tech
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
2004-2008 · University of Saskatchewan

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
VEM5200 Pnt Care Clin Skill 1
VEM5306 Vet Endocrinology
VEM5110 Animal Systems 1
VEM5041 Animal Welfare/Ethics

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