Thomas Denagamage

Thomas Denagamage,

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department: Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Business Phone: (352) 294-4314
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Research Profile

Teaching and Research Interests

–Principles of epidemiology and epidemiological methods in population research

–Evidence-based veterinary medicine; systematic reviews and meta-analysis

–Epidemiology of infectious diseases in livestock and poultry with emphasis on Salmonella

–Emergence of antimicrobial resistance with emphasis on resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins


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View on: PubMed
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View on: PubMed


Doctor of Philosophy
2016 · Pennsylvania State University
Master of Science
2008 · Iowa State University
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
1992 · University of Peradeniya

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
VME6934 Topics in Veterinary Medical Sciences
VEM5991 Clkship Indiv Invest
VME6771 Veterinary Epidemiologic Research
VME6070 Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis for Biomedical Research

Contact Details

(352) 294-4314

University of Florida


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