Kim Ahrens

Supervisor – Dr.┬áMarsella


  • Elisa reader Dynex (visible light)
  • Dual head microscope
  • microscope with old nikon coolpix camera
  • Delphin Trans epidermal water loss reader
  • PCR machine used for RT reactions only
  • 9600 PCR machine
  • StepOne Plus AB Biosystem Real time PCR machine
  • Nuwind refrigerated centrifuge
  • Harrier refrigerated centrifruge
  • minus 80 freezer
  • Amerex shaking water bath
  • Analytical balance
  • 2 steel kennels-multiple med dog travel kennels
  • Old style projector for slides
  • Lab Vision Autostainer

Training or Skills

  • Cell culturing of keratinocytes, and isolation of canine and human lymphocytes and culturing for studies
  • Cytokine ELISA testing
  • Immunohistochemistry and ImageJ program NIH
  • Immunofluorescent staining of slides
  • Licensed Histologist in previous life
  • Extraction of RNA and DNA from fresh, ethanol fixed and paraffin tissue/cells
  • Quantitative PCR (licensed technologist in molecular biology)
  • Cloning
  • Primer design and PCR test development
  • Flow cytometry
  • Southern and western blots
  • Animal handling skills dogs, cows and horses