Master’s Degrees aND Certificates

Aquatic Animal Health

Educational opportunities geared towards graduate and professional training focusing on health and welfare issues of aquatic animals.

Veterinarian with dolphin


Food Animal Medicine

Students participating in the certificate program receive strong entry level training in food supply veterinary medicine.

Dr. Walden looking at snails

Master's Degree

Forensic Medicine

Online education designed for students and working professionals seeking to apply medical knowledge to the investigation of crime.

Moore Lab

Online graduate Program

Forensic Sciences

Master's degrees and graduate certificates tailored for careers working in medical examiners’ offices, hospitals, clinical chemistry laboratories and law enforcement agencies.

Dr. Liang Zhou

Professional Certificate

Shelter Medicine

Innovative medical, surgical, and behavioral training to prepare UF veterinary students for high-impact and rewarding careers in animal welfare.

VCOP dog

ONline Program

Shelter Medicine Distance Education

Educational opportunities geared towards graduate and professional training focusing on health and welfare issues affecting animal shelters.


Master's Degree


Studies focused on biomedical toxicology or environmental toxicology research.

Valentine and Dr. Brown


Veterinary Business Management

The College of Veterinary Medicine offers a Veterinary Business Management Certificate to further the education of veterinary students with regards to business and personal finance, practice ownership, business and employee management and career path preparation.

Veterinarian with dachshund

Online graduate programs

Veterinary Forensic Sciences

The program prepares students for animal crime scene processing, handling and interpreting forensic evidence, and other skills that will help secure justice for victims of animal cruelty.

Dr. Amara Estrada and Dr. Christy Pacak have collaborated on genetic studies relating to a heart condition common in Doberman pinschers.

Online Master's Degree and Certificate Program

Wildlife Forensics

Online graduate certificate program aimed at working professionals and academic students in the area of wildlife conservation, ecology, and animal protection.

Technicians and giraffe

Doctor of philosophy

PhD Programs

The College of Veterinary Medicine offers five specialized Doctor of Philosophy degrees for students wishing to continue studies after receiving their DVM.

Okapi calf