Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Glossary from the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges

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  • Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs: Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affairs (APIDA) provides resources to enhance and promote intellectual and personal growth of students to explore and define their complex cultural and intersectional identities.
  • Asian American Student Union: The Asian American Student Union, originally established as the Asian Student Union, was created in 1993 to unify all the Asian American organizations on campus. Today, we are composed of the Chinese American Student Association (CASA), the Filipino Student Association (FSA), Health Educated Asian Leaders (HEAL), the Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA), and the Vietnamese Student Organization (VSO).
  • Black Affairs: Black Affairs creates, sustains, promotes and affirms Black Scholarship, culture, history, and leadership. We coordinate an array of educational, cultural, and social programs focus on the Black experience at the University of Florida, the United States, and across the African diaspora.
  • Black Graduate Student Organization: The Black Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) is an interdisciplinary, multi-ethnic organization that is dedicated to identifying and addressing the needs of graduate and professional students of African, African American, or Afro Caribbean descent at the University of Florida. Founded in 1975 with a rich tradition deeply rooted in advocacy, BGSO aims to enhance the graduate experience of its members by offering academic and professional support, providing opportunities for community outreach and service, in addition to cultivating professional development and academic excellence. Additionally, we are committed to fostering cultural diversity by promoting the recruitment, retention, and representation of minority students and faculty. Lastly, BGSO seeks to unify graduate and professional students across disciplines and organizations, while promoting the development of lifelong networks among students of color at the University of Florida.
  • Indigenous American Student Association (IASA): (currently inactive)
  • Gator Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (Gator AISES): The purpose of the Gator Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society is to provide a sense of community for Indigenous students on campus and to raise awareness of Indigenous culture on campus. The goal of the student organization is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers.
  • Hispanic-Latinx Affairs: Hispanic-Latinx Affairs (HLA) aims to support, empower and advance the Hispanic-Latino/a community at the UF. By offering culturally and historically relevant programming and initiatives, as well as spaces which welcome all forms of Latinidad and the broader community, HLA educates and forges solidarity between the Hispanic-Latino/a community and its allies.

    Faculty & Staff Associations:

  • Asian Faculty and Staff Association: The purpose of the Asian Faculty and Staff Association, AFSA, is to promote the welfare of Asian Pacific Islander American people at the University of Florida. The AFSA also aims to promote communication, professional networking and social opportunities for its members.  The general membership of the AFSA includes Asian Pacific Islander American administrators, faculty and staff.
  • Association of Black Faculty & Staff: The mission of the Association of Black Faculty & Staff (ABFS) is to promote an environment that fosters cultural sensitivity and enrichment through programming, networking, and guiding Black students, faculty, and staff members. We actively work to improve the quality of the Black experience at the University of Florida by cultivating a campus climate that is inviting, unified, encouraging, and that promotes upward mobility and success.
  • Café Latino: A coalition of faculty and extension professionals for Latinos/Hispanics serving the needs of the Hispanic/Latino population in Florida.
  • Latinx Staff and Faculty Association: The Latinx Staff/Faculty Association strives to provide a welcoming and affirming space to recruit, represent, and retain Latinx staff and faculty at the University of Florida. We aim to increase representation of Latinx staff and faculty at various administrative and academic levels. By advocating for social and professional development opportunities for Latinx staff and faculty and supporting equitable policies for Latinx faculty, staff, and students; we seek to increase Latinx visibility at the University of Florida and promote an inclusive campus environment.

    Alumni Affiliate Groups:

  • Association of Asian Alumni: The Association of Asian Alumni (AAA) is a part of, and receives support from, the UFAA. Membership with the AAA is a way to reconnect, maintain contact with friends old and new, learn from your peers, and create a mentoring relationship. The AAA facilitates alumni connections with current students and fosters connections with the university and engagement with what is happening within the APIA community at the University of Florida and beyond.
  • Association of Black Alumni: The Association of Black Alumni (ABA) is operated for educational and charitable purposes in support of the University of Florida, as set forth in the Association’s Charter. The ABA assists with the recruitment of retention of Black students and supports students through mentoring programs and scholarship fundraising initiatives. The ABA’s efforts also include promoting the efforts of the Institute of Black Culture, campus student groups and UF programs.
  • Association of Hispanic Alumni: The Association of Hispanic Alumni (AHA) is an alumni group of Gators who are Hispanic or have a Hispanic/Latin cultural background. The goals of the AHA is to promote the University of Florida, assist current UF students to continue developing their commitment to UF and their pride in the Hispanic Culture. The AHA sponsors fundraising events to gather funds for scholarships and awards an annual “Gran Caiman” award that highlights a Hispanic Gator who has represented UF in a positive and successful manner.
  • Association of LGBTQ+ Alumni: The LGBTQ+ Alumni group aims to reconnect UF LGBTQ+ Alumni with current LGBTQ+ students, alumni, and the university community at large. Through doing so, the LGBTQ+ Alumni will help foster a strong commitment to cultivating resources, mentorship, support, and community for all LGBTQ+ Gators.

Gender & Sexual Identity and Expression


  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Affairs: LGBTQ Affairs strives to provide an affirming and welcoming space for all LGBTQ+ identified students.  We work to empower LGBTQ+ student leaders and ambassadors as change agents on campus and in the community.  Recognizing that sexual identity and gender identity and expression work through and are influenced by race, ethnicity, culture, age, disability, class, faith, and other social characteristics, we offer support and educational programming that incorporate principles of social justice reduce heterosexism, genderism, homophobia, and transphobia in all of their forms on the UF campus and beyond.
  • Pride Student Union:  Pride Student Union (PSU) or “Pride,” strives to provide and maintain an open, safe, and inclusive atmosphere for LGBT+ students at the University of Florida. We are a social, educational, and support organization. Our mission is to educate and build a close knit community within the University of Florida and surrounding communities, in regards to both our community’s issues and concerns.  Pride facilitates social networking, stages discussions of relevant issues, promotes equality and activism on campus, and builds student leaders. We accomplish our goals for the organization through programming, speakers, socials, panels, and weekly general meetings. We welcome students of all identities to become a member of our organization. It’s our hope to make you feel comfortable and accepted in our community.
  • Women’s Student Association: The Women’s Student Association represents a diverse group of student leaders whose mission is to empower women by: building an extensive women’s community consisting of students, alumni, and positive role models, providing leadership opportunities and personal development training, raising awareness of women’s issues, and strengthening the character of its members through social responsibility.

    Faculty & Staff:

  • Association of Academic Women:  Since 1974, the Association for Academic Women (AAW) has enjoyed a rich history with extraordinary women in faculty, administrative and professional roles across campus for the purposes of networking and sharing meaningful information and experiences that are beneficial to women of the University of Florida. The founders of the University of Florida’s AAW were instrumental in offering women further opportunities in tenure, promotion and advancement to leadership roles. Although we’ve made great progress, there remains room for improvement in removing barriers and striving for gender equity.  AAW continues to strive to empower UF women for the utmost success in each stage of their careers here at the university.  AAW endeavors to serve professional women with events including a variety of topics from negotiating salary increases and promotion to retirement talks across the age spectrum and career stages. In addition to programming, we believe networking is vital for growth and exposure to strong female role models can offer encouragement in women’s professional ambitions. We therefore facilitate opportunities for women across campus to network while providing mentorship and collaboration with other professional groups across the diverse UF ecosystem.  Additionally, we understand the importance in supporting young women to succeed in a system where the odds are still stacked against female academics. Each year, our membership fees support the Madelyn Lockhart Dissertation Fellowship in concert with the AAW Emerging Scholar Program honoring eligible graduate students who are completing their dissertations in their chosen fields of study.  It is our vision that with all of events we host and support that we can provide professional women on campus an environment of camaraderie, mentorship and advocacy.
  • Presidential LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee: The responsibilities of the presidential committee are:
  1. Serve as a vehicle for a systematic and periodic assessment of the quality of life of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender individuals at the University and make recommendations regarding the need for educational programming, establishment of specific services and programs, and other similar matters;
  2. Examine and recommend revisions in university policies and procedures having potentially negative consequences for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender individuals; and
  3. Serve as a forum to which various individuals and groups can express concerns related to issues of homophobia and transphobia.
  • Queer Nation (LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff): Queer Nation strives to provide a welcoming and affirming space to attract, represent, and retain LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff at the University of Florida.  We aim to promote an inclusive campus, advocate for equitable policies for LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff and students, promote LGBTQIA+ visibility on the UF campus, and provide social and professional development opportunities for LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff.


*More student organization information can be found at UF GatorConnect.

  • UF CVM Christian Veterinary Fellowship: The purpose of CVF is to strive to encourage fellowship between veterinary students, faculty, and staff, and to share the love of Christ with our peers.
  • Islam on Campus: Islam on Campus is an organization devoted to strengthening the Muslim community as well as to educating Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the religion of Islam. We seek to be a source of unity for Muslim students here at the University of Florida.
  • Jewish Student Union: JSU represents and serves the Jewish students at the University of Florida while providing Jewish and other students opportunities to explore the cultural and ethnic experiences of Judaism.
  • Secular Student Alliance: Student Secular Alliance is established for the purpose of providing students resources to engage in critical thinking, skepticism, and inquiry about religious beliefs and the consequences of religious beliefs.
  • UF Hillel: UF Hillel envisions a world made better because of the impact of dynamic Jewish leaders. UF Hillel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that inspires future leaders to positively impact the world through a Jewish lens by connecting them with Israel, travel experiences, spirituality, doing good, career advancement opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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