Community Building and engagement at the university of florida college of veterinary medicine

Our office works to help build a community where everyone is valued and supported. The UF College of Veterinary Medicine strives to cultivate an atmosphere of respect, empathy and open-mindedness within an exceptional community of students, faculty and staff.


The UF College of Veterinary Medicine understands that excellence in education, service, and research at our institution is enhanced when all of our key stakeholders — our clients, students, alumni, faculty and staff — feel a sense of belonging. Our Office of Community Building and Engagement helps to ensure that all members of our college community know they are valued and feel validated, not just in the roles they play at the college, but as who they are as individuals.

Our goal is for everyone to feel safe, heard, respected and appreciated. To that end, we offer a variety of resources to all of our constituents. Our office aims to foster meaningful connections in a variety of ways: here at UFCVM, on the main UF campus and elsewhere — in our community, but also within the state of Florida and the nation through broad networks inside and outside of the veterinary medical profession. We’re here to listen, to help and to lead by identifying ways to strengthen interpersonal bonds and by providing personal and professional assistance however we are able.

We also offer several programs aimed at encouraging interest in veterinary medicine as a career among students of all ages from underrepresented groups. We strive to encourage greater representation of these groups within the veterinary profession by exposing participants to many different aspects of the veterinary field . We offer hands-on learning opportunities, interactive sessions and much more, and are enthusiastic at how well these programs have been received by those who have participated in them. Learn more about these programs here. (link to programs page)

Our office is led by Dr. Michael Bowie, assistant dean for community building and engagement at the college. Feel free to contact Dr. Bowie or any of the members of our team at any time for help, guidance, or just to say hi! Our team members are listed here.