Simon Odera Owino

Research Assistant ProfessorPortrait of Dr. Owino

Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology
PO Box 110880
2015 SW 16th Ave
Gainesville, FL  32611-0880
FAX 352-392-9704


  • MSc, Cell and Molecular Biology, Maseno University, Kenya, 2007
  • PhD, Immunology and Infectious Disease, The University of Georgia, 2012

Research Interests

Dr. Simon Odera Owino is an experienced research professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in parasitology, research design, molecular biology, cell culture, and genetic engineering, Dr. Owino is a strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Infectious Diseases from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Owino’s current research mainly focuses on immunological crosstalk within the fetal-maternal interphase during malaria infection. To accomplish this goal, Dr. Owino harvests and cultures primary trophoblast cells, which are placental cells in contact with maternal blood, as well as maintains an immortalized cell line, BeWo, used as mimics for primary trophoblast. In addition to the work detailed above, Dr. Owino uses a mouse model designed to understand the course and impact of malaria infection during pregnancy. He is also interested in understanding intricate processes of hypoxia during malaria and how these processes influence pregnancy outcome.

Recent Publications

Additional publications here