Brian Stacy

Veterinary Medical Officer (NOAA)/Courtesy Faculty (UF)

Large Animal Clinical Sciences
PO Box 100136
2187 Mowry Road, Building 471
Gainesville, FL 32611


  • PhD, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla., 2008
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists, 2004
  • Anatomic Pathology Residency, University of California Davis and Zoological Society of San Diego, 2004
  • DVM, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., 2001

Honors and Awards

  • Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship for graduate student research, 2008
  • C. E. Cornelius Young Investigator Reward, 2011

Research Interests

I am Veterinary Medical Officer for NOAA Fisheries, Office of Protected Resources and am based at UF College of Veterinary Medicine through a cooperative agreement.  I work intensively with threatened and endangered marine turtles as part of NOAA’s national sea turtle program and am involved with a variety of issues related to health, stranding, and mortality.  My work is largely driven by priorities of Endangered Species Recovery Plans and needs of managers.  I work collaboratively with many colleagues in federal and state agencies, academia, and other groups.  Other professional species of interest include marine mammals, crocodilians, other reptiles, and amphibians.  Current and past projects include a variety of infectious and noninfectious disease studies, investigations of animal die-offs, and forensic studies related to human impacts on wildlife.

Recent Publications

Publications listed here.

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