Residency and Internship Programs

The University of Florida Veterinary Hospitals has many residency and internship programs for veterinarians. Please visit the VIRMP program site if you are interested in applying to one of our programs (please note: our ophthalmology, clinical pathology and anatomic pathology programs are managed outside the VIRMP match system).

Veterinary Medical Residency Programs

Cardiology Residency

This three-year residency program in cardiology prepares talented veterinarians for a career in academic veterinary medicine or specialty practice.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dermatology Residency (+MS)

This four-year residency program is designed to provide in-depth training in veterinary dermatology to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the dermatologic conditions of domestic animals.

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Neurology Residency

This three-year program is based on the guidelines established by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Specialty of Neurology.


Small Animal Medicine Residency

This three-year program prepares talented veterinarians for a career in academic veterinary medicine or specialty practice. Emphasis is placed on clinical medicine, teaching, and clinical research.

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Non-VIRMP Residency Programs


Anatomic Pathology Residency

This program is designed to train successful veterinary pathologists with emphasis on preparation for the certification examination given by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP).



Clinical Pathology Residency

This program works closely with clinicians to actively participate in the diagnostic evaluation of a broad range of species, to include many zoologic and non-mammalian specimens.

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Veterinary Medical Internship Programs

Surgical Oncology Internship

This intensive one-year internship program performs within our oncology service, a comprehensive cancer treatment facility with surgical, medical and radiation oncology working closely together.

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Shelter Medicine Internship

This one-year position is designed to produce a skilled practitioner well-equipped for shelter practice or to be competitive for a residency program in Shelter Medicine.

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Internship in Zoological Companion Animal

This new 1-year program is to prepare veterinarians for practicing high quality ZCA medicine in general practice and/or emergency medicine. Most of the program will be in the Zoo Med and ECC Services, with increasing time in ECC as the year progresses. 

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Rotating Small Animal Internship

This internship is located at the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital. This hospital has been caring for our specialty and general practice patients, while being an active participant in our South Florida community for over 75 years.

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Surgical Internship

Veterinary Specialty Center of Sarasota is a specialty veterinary clinic dedicated to offering specialty surgery, advanced imaging, and physical rehabilitation. Interns in our program have close access to veterinary surgeons for mentoring and preparation for surgical residency.

In surgery, veterinarians diagnosed Cody with a right dorsal displacement of the large colon, which they corrected.