Financial Services Office

Our mission is to provide friendly, prompt, reliable and accurate service to our vendors, faculty, staff and students, while consistently following University of Florida and University of Florida Foundation rules, policies and guidelines.


  • Processing all purchases, either by purchase requisition or P-card
  • Approving all travel expenses
  • Approving purchase requisitions
  • Preparing deposits for the college and hospitals
  • Setting up new vendors
  • Maintaining operating leases & maintenance agreements
  • Mailing invoices

Contact Emails

Purchasing Team

Deborah Y Johnson

Phone: (352) 294-4042

Alice S Bliss-Dodd

Phone: (352) 294-4360

Alfred K Price

Phone: (352) 392-3261

Kristen D Ray

Phone: (352) 294-4052

David Sproule

Phone: (352) 294-4694


Contact Email

Shannon Branton

Phone: (352) 294-4053

Sonia Hodges

Phone: (352) 294-4097

Dionne Slaughter

Phone: (352) 294-4715

Deborah Y Johnson

Phone: (352) 294-4042


The disbursements team records all invoice payments to internal and external vendors for the UF Veterinary Hospitals and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Voucher Processing
  • E2R journals
  • Foundation transactions

Contact Email

Disbursements Team

Shannon Branton

Phone: (352) 294-4053

Hilda L Hernandez

Phone: (352) 294-8430

Candi M Rollins

Phone: (352) 294-8431

Patricia K Perkins

Phone: (352) 294-4238

Research Administration Team

The grants team is responsible for post-award oversight and management, in conference with the principle investigator, of all grants under the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Research Administration Team

Sally L Blalock

Phone: (352) 294-5535

Dawn D Phillips

Phone: (352) 294-4206

Rania Oweiss

Phone: (352) 294-4011

Susan A Cox

Phone: (352) 294-8722

Frances R Edwards

Phone: (352) 294-4092

Jennifer L Green

Phone: (352) 294-5185

Katherine Morris BA

Phone: (352) 294-4760


Christine A Best

Non-Grants Manager
Phone: (352) 294-4034

Dionne Slaughter

Fiscal Assistant II
Phone: (352) 294-4715

Reconciliation and Reporting

The Internal Review Services team reconciles all cost centers’ departmental ledgers, records E2E transactions, and researches transaction information, as needed, for the college and hospitals.

  • Departmental Ledger Reconciliation
  • E2E journals
  • Research

Reconciliation and Reporting Team

Samuel T Parks

Phone: (352) 294-4037

Lacee Wesley

Phone: (352) 273-5240

Katelyn Massey

Phone: (352) 294-4041

Central Stores and Receiving

Central Stores and Receiving Team

David Sproule

Phone: (352) 294-4694

James Orce

Phone: (352) 294-4697