Director’s Office

The Office of Medical/Health Administration and the college executive director support the college in several key areas. Our administrative assistant is Mary Ring Miller, who can be reached by email at, or by phone at 352-294-4210. Please contact Mrs. Karen Adams, 352-294-8650 for information relating to disaster response, the VETS Team, SART or Vet Corps issues, or for questions relating to facilities management, including construction and renovation matters affecting the college or the UF Veterinary Hospitals, or to discuss property/inventory. For 24/7 security or safety-related questions or concerns, call the college’s security office directly at 352-294-4444. For information about jobs or other employment issues, contact the personnel office at 352-294-4250. For matters relating to computer support management at the college or the UF Veterinary Hospitals, contact UF&Shands Academic Health Center IT Help Desk at 352-265-0526.

The College Financial Services Office 

The College Financial Services Office provides the college and the UF Veterinary Hospitals with financial reporting, invoicing, p-card processing, purchase order processing, etc.  It also provides an internal audit role to the Dean. Contact David Segura at 352-294-4868 for information relating to the College Financial Services Office.

The College Facilities Management Office

The College Facilities Management Office provides the college with support for all construction projects, security, facilities maintenance and cleanliness issues, and asset tracking.

The College Human Resources Office

The College Human Resources Office is the coordinating point for faculty and staff personnel actions across the college.  The office assists with hiring, promotion, faculty tenure, faculty special pay, etc.  The office also coordinates special allowances and lump sum payments.

UF Veterinary Hospitals Administration

The UF Veterinary hospitals each have as assistant director, who is responsible for supervising all administrative and nursing staff in the respective hospitals, and works with the chief of staff and service chiefs to ensure hospital operation runs smoothly.

Computer Support Management

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is committed to providing a state-of-the-art computing environment that will enhance its missions of education, research, extension, and animal health care. It has a robust network designed to facilitate the sharing, dissemination, and storage of information through both an in-house intranet and access to the internet. The CVM network is employed extensively as a teaching tool for our students, as well as a conduit to provide information to offsite users. The vast majority of the 1000+ computers within the veterinary complex are attached to the network and the CVM hosts a number of websites that are available to the public. The CVM also hosts sites for researchers or departments who wish to collaborate on projects or post information. Many administrative and business functions of both the College and UF Veterinary Hospitals are conducted electronically and additional functions will become available as we pursue our goal of becoming “paperless”.

The Computer Systems Management department is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all network and telephone infrastructure throughout the CVM complex. CSM works with system and software developers and vendors to plan and implement upgrades to ensure we remain compliant with current technology trends. CSM also manages and supports individual computers and provides additional hardware and software services as requested

Disaster Response

The College Disaster Response initiatives are coordinated through Mrs. Karen Adams, 352-294-8650. This includes coordinating the college’s own planning when a disaster may impact the college, as well as the College’s role in deploying a team to respond to a disaster.  The College is a key member of the State Agriculture Response Team (SART) and maintains an equine technical rescue team, and a veterinary medical field hospital.