Economic Sustainability: Strategic Priorities

Practice Ownership Summit 2018To preserve institutional and programmatic integrity at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, we must commit to wisely use, safeguard and sustain resources, both human and material. In this way, we also create long-term sustainable values by optimizing these resources, leveraging our existing strengths, and creating growth opportunities.

We believe we can be both efficient and dynamic in our approaches as we look holistically at all of our operations, understanding that wise stewardship of resources is key to everything we do.

Optimizing resources: We aim to optimize resources by improving post-award processes and transactional efficiency, streamline the budget process and improve fiscal transparency collegewide. We will measure our effectiveness through a balanced budget and the creation of strategic funds.

Honing growth opportunities: As part of our plan to identifying growth opportunities, we will make use of several creative approaches. How to better share resources within departments, the development of class expansion business models and possibilities for expanded online/distance learning are areas we will explore. In addition, we will be pursuing new industry partnerships as well as working to strengthen existing ones.

Philanthropy: Philanthropic giving is critical in order to maintain and grow programs collegewide. We will employ innovative concepts for increasing the level of giving, working with existing donor stakeholders as well as with prospective donors to reinforce the value of investing in animal, human and environmental health by supporting UFCVM people and programs.

We will measure our overall success through the level of revenue we are able to conserve through departmental savings, revenue generated from new areas and philanthropic gifts, and a balanced budget.