DVM Education: Strategic Priorities

Clinical Skills LabThe education of DVM students is the heart of our identity at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine. Through robust curriculum offerings and a dedicated teaching faculty, we prepare our students for diverse careers ranging from private veterinary practice to biomedical research, public health, regulatory medicine, and industry, among other pursuits such as specialty training.

Our priorities are to complete the curriculum review (required by Accreditation), create recommendations for revision of the curriculum, and prepare for an expanded online presence.

Meeting the needs of a multicultural society: The growing diversity of the nation’s population underscores why the critical examination of academic programs is essential for analyzing not just what constitutes successful student outcomes, but also to ensure that our students, the veterinarians of the future, are receiving the instruction they need to meet the veterinary needs of a multicultural society and a variety of animal species.

Completion of curriculum review: To expedite completion of the curriculum review, we plan to finalize the definition of student learning outcomes (SLOs), the mapping of course learning outcomes (CLOs) and update the curriculum map. We will communicate the review to faculty, staff & students and will develop a curricular revision plan, focusing on Day #1 competencies, integrating more DEI and building on our strengths.

Charting a course for future learning: Using faculty and student feedback and mapping to pinpoint areas of strength in the curriculum, we will consult with faculty to create change management teams to guide implementation in 2022. We will review data processes from other institutions along with exit interview data and will provide a written plan to faculty for 2022.

Advancing online/distance education: Recognizing the growing appeal of online/distance learning opportunities in the veterinary medical profession, we aim to create an infrastructure to advance our position in this important area. We will be reviewing our college’s experiences to-date in online & distance learning and will analyze how these methods and technologies are being used within the University of Florida as a whole as well as at other colleges of veterinary medicine. A needs assessment for distance learning gauged through faculty surveys will guide us in creating a plan for 2022 that will include a collegewide structure to optimize coordination of our efforts.

Among the metrics we will use to evaluate our success in these endeavors are exit interviews, employer surveys, DVM NAVLE scores, alumni surveys, successful job placement and successful match placement for graduates.