UF College of Veterinary Medicine family stands against racism and racial prejudice

Vet Med sign

The shocking event of this past week in which George Floyd lost his life is a tragedy that has triggered an outbreak of anger and sadness across America. We have seen the violence projected on our TV screens and dominating the news cycle 24-7 — violence we know has affected people of color disproportionately throughout our country’s history.

We strongly condemn racism and societal inequities, and affirm our commitment to foster trust and inclusivity among our diverse college family, including our students, faculty, house officers, staff and alumni. We will continue to strive to eliminate disparities, while fostering and embracing a culturally sensitive, diverse and inclusive environment in which everyone feels valued, seen, heard and welcome.

We must look to find peaceful solutions to influence change and eliminate racism and discrimination. Nelson Mandela stated “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Learning and working together we can transform the future to promote social justice for all.


Interim Dean, UF College of Veterinary Medicine