In the News

In addition to stories we produce, our college and the UF Veterinary Hospitals are frequently featured or mentioned in the external media. When we become aware of interesting news features or video, we will list some of them here.

January-February 2017:

  • A story about the new synthetic canine cadavers being used in UF College of Veterinary Medicine surgery labs appeared on Channel 10 news/WTSP. 
  • A story about a cat being reunited with its Tampa-area owner after having been lost for several years, thanks to UF’s Veterinary Community Outreach Program, appeared in Home: Living in the Heart of Florida
  • A story about UF being included in a major $10M grant that will create the Southeast Regional Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Disease: The Gateway Program, led by new UFCVM faculty member Dr. Rhoel Dinglasan, appeared in the Miami Herald, Florida Trend, Tampa Bay Times and other news outlets.
  • A story featuring a dog being treated by the UF Small Animal Hospital for Swimmer Syndrome appeared on WCJB-Channel 20 News. 
  • A story about UF veterinary emergency specialists saving a dog after a near-drowning episode appeared in several news outlets, including Veterinary Practice News, Automotive Industry Today, Brazil Business Today, EIN News, News4Jax, Fox 35 Orlando News and Weather, Chipley Bugle.
  • Dr. Claus Buergelt’s selection as the recipient of the John M. King award by the C.L. Davis Foundation appeared in Pet Age.

November-December 2016:

  • Coverage of Dr. Dennis Brooks, an emeritus professor of ophthalmology at the UFCVM, receiving the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Distinguished Educator Award, appeared in The Horse.
  • Coverage of the launch of new synthetic cadaver technology in UF Small Animal Surgery labs appeared on CBS-4 local news.
  • The ribbon cutting of the UF Veterinary Community Outreach Program’s new mobile unit was covered by WUFT News.

September-October 2016:

  • Dr. Heather Walden was quoted in the Miami Herald in a story relating to a screwworm outbreak in the Florida Keys.
  • A story about a new collaboration between UF and the Miami-Dade County animal shelter appeared in Veterinary Practice News.
  • A story focusing on Dr. Cynda Crawford’s role as part of a group focused on creating universal standards for vaccinating animals in Latin America appeared in the Independent Florida Alligator. 
  • Dr. Mike Walsh was quoted in a story in Mashable about dolphin communication
  • A story on PR Newswire from the American Humane Association announced Dr. Natalie Isaza as recipient of the AHA’s 2016 Hero Veterinarian Award. That story was also covered by Veterinary Practice News and the Independent Florida Alligator, among other news outlets.
  • A story about a recent manatee rescue in Taylor County quoting Dr. Mike Walsh appeared in WUFT News.

July-August 2016:

  • A story about Dr. Heather Walden receiving the Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award appeared in Veterinary Practice News.
  • A story about a dog that received a first-of-its-kind cardiology procedure at the UF Small Animal Hospital quoted Dr. Simon Swift and appeared in the Gainesville Sun.
  • Dr. Jim Wellehan was quoted in a National Geographic article about cancer in sea lions and other marine mammals.
  • Dr. Maureen Long was quoted in USAgNet, Kansas Ag Connection, Missouri Ag Connection and other publications in an article addressing whether pets can contract the Zika virus.
  • A cat UF veterinary students scanned for a microchip during a Veterinary Community Outreach Program shelter visit in Levy County was reunited with its owners after a six-year separation. The story appeared in the Gainesville Sun and on Bay News 9.
  • Dr. Natalie Isaza was recently named a finalist in a national group’s Hero Vet competition. Stories about her selection appeared in the Chipley Bugle and in the Independent Florida Alligator. The story about the selection of finalists was picked up nationally by Reuters.

June 2016:

  • New technology developed by SynDaver Labs with assistance from UF College of Veterinary Medicine faculty members that consists of  a synthetic animal model designed to replace live animals and animal cadavers in veterinary surgical training was unveiled at a SynDaver press conference May 31. Stories about the new technology were generated by the Associated Press, Tampa Bay Times and many other news outlets and appeared all over the world.  The AP story and video are here.
  • A story about a dog treated successfully at the UF Small Animal Hospital for pulmonic stenosis appeared in dvm360, the American Animal Hospital Association’s NewStat blog, MRCVSOnline (UK) and Veterinary Practice News.

May 2016:

  • Dr. Julie Levy was quoted in a Care2 blog post regarding a study she co-authored in The Veterinary Journal about breed discrimination at animal shelters.
  • Dr. Janet Yamamoto, who recently was named UF Inventor of the Year, was quoted in a story that appeared in the Independent Florida Alligator.
  • Dean James W. Lloyd was quoted in a Gainesville Sun article noting the death of Dr. Stephen Shores, a longtime Gainesville veterinary practitioner and friend of the college.
  • Dr. Amanda House was quoted in an article in Foster Folly News about the importance of vaccinating horses against Eastern Equine Encephalitis.
  • Senior University of Florida veterinary medical student Brittany Martabano’s selection as the 2016 national winner of the Bayer Excellence in Communication Award appeared in Veterinary Practice News.

March 2016:

  • Dr. Cynda Crawford was quoted in The Independent Florida Alligator  and in the Gainesville Sun about a quarantine in effect at Alachua County Animal Services because Streptococcus zooepidemicus, or strep zoo, and canine pneumovirus, had been found among six dogs. Crawford was also quoted in an article that appeared on WUFT News.
  • Dr. Julie Levy’s breed assessment study, which found that dogs at shelters are likely to be misidentified by shelter staff, appeared in the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida Times-Union, the St. Augustine Record and many other news outlets.

February 2016:

  • A story about a study reporting that animals assessed at shelters are often mislabeled as ‘pit bull’ types was covered by Discovery News, The Gainesville Sun, WJXT-News/Jacksonville, Veterinary Practice News and many other news outlets.
  • The recent passing of UF veterinary medical college professor emeritus Dr. Paul Nicoletti was covered in numerous news outlets, including the Gainesville Sun, Bovine Veterinarian and Southeast AgNet as well as in the Independent Florida Alligator and Veterinary Practice News. His obituary in the Sun appears here.
  • An update on Calvin, the unofficial canine mascot of the UF women’s soccer team and his recuperation from treatment at UF’s Small Animal Hospital appeared on WCJB-TV20 news.
  • Dr. Roy Curtiss’ election to the National Academy of Inventors appeared in Veterinary Practice News.
    December 2015-January 2016:

December 2015-January 2016:

  • A story about two soccer sisters who drew on support from members of the Gator Nation to raise funds to save their dog, who was treated at UF’s Small Animal Hospital, appeared in broadcasts by WCJB-TV 20 news, and in WUFT-Channel 5 News, as well as in the Gainesville Sun and in The Alligator.
  • Dr. Margo Macpherson’s recent election to the office of vice president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners appeared in The Horse and in the Business Report of North Central Florida.
  • Coverage of Dr. Roy Curtiss’ appointment to the National Academy of Inventors was covered by the Independent Florida Alligator and on the University of Florida website.

November 2015:

  • A story by the University of California/Berkeley news office, based on a study published Oct. 27 in Environmental Health Perspectives and featuring the work of former UC/Berkeley faculty member, Dr. Chris Vulpe, appeared on that university’s news site, then was picked up by UPI and subsequently was picked up by various news publications, including SpecialChem, Oncology News Australia,, Sierra Sun Times and many other sites.
  • Dr. Margo Macpherson’s recent selection to serve as vice president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners was covered in the Alligator.

October 2015:

September 2015:

  • A story about the new UF Veterinary Access Scholarship initiative featuring Dean James Lloyd appeared in Veterinary Practice News. Other stories about this program appeared in Veterinary Economics and dvm360.
  • Dr. Carsten Bandt, an assistant professor of emergency medicine and critical care in the department of small animal clinical sciences, was quoted in a story about leptospirosis that appeared in Veterinary Practice News.
  • A story about the completion of the college’s new Clinical Skills Laboratory and ribbon cutting event appeared on the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ website.
  • A story about the UF Small Animal Hospital receiving accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association appeared in Veterinary Practice News.
  • Temple Grandin’s upcoming visit to the University of Florida, co-sponsored by the UF College of Veterinary Medicine and UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences was covered by IFAS’ news office.
  • Dr. Rob MacKay was quoted in a Gainesville Sun/Ocala Star Banner article about creeping indigo and its toxicity to horses.
  • Dr. Sarah Boston was quoted in Orlando Magazine’s 2015 Pet Guide in an article about a pet cancer study and in another article about pet cancer.

July-August 2015:

  • Dr. Justin Shmalberg and Dr. Brad Case were mentioned in an article in the Gainesville Sun and Ocala Star Banner about a dog being treated at the UF Small Animal Hospital for pythiosis.
  • UF’s treatment of a dog with pythiosis was also covered in Florida Today newspaper.
  • A story about UF’s involvement in the Million Cat Challenge, featuring the work of Dr. Julie Levy and others, was in the Gainesville Sun.
  • Dr. Richard Hill was quoted in an article on The Cat Channel relating to the feeding of cat treats.
  • The new UF Veterinary Access Scholarship initiative (formerly referred to as the Dean’s Scholarship Initiative) was covered in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Dr. Kris Cooke’s designation as a Top 20 finalist in the America’s Favorite Veterinarian contest was covered in the Gainesville Sun and also on WCJB-Channel 20 News.
  • Dr. Sarah Boston’s book Lucky Dog was featured in a story in Dogslife. Boston also was featured recently on Fox News.
  • Research conducted by Dr. Carlos Risco relating to management of heat-related problems in dairy calves was cited in Progressive Dairyman Magazine.

June 2015:

  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month was highlighted in an interview with Dr. Sarah Boston on WCJB-Channel 20. Boston also spoke on cancer survival at a 50-year celebration of the University of Saskatchewan and was featured in stories in The Gazette,,, Leader Post and Edmonton Journal.
  • Dr. Rosanna Marsella was quoted in Equisearch and Stable Management in a story relating to equine pastern dermatitis.
  • Coverage of the college’s 2015 Distinguished Award winners appeared in the Chipley Bugle.
  • A story about pediatric sleep apnea featuring the work of Dr. Paul Davenport appeared in Charlotte County Florida Weekly.
  • Dr. Klibs Galvao and Dr. Ricardo Chebel were referenced in a story in North Texas E-News about a multi-institutional study on the effects of dairy cow genetics on fertility.
  • A story about the UF PETS emergency clinic in Ocala receiving Level 3 certification by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society was featured in the Ocala Star Banner and in Veterinary Practice News.

May 2015:

April 2015:

  • A story about the college’s new veterinary student scholarship initiative appeared in  Southeast AgNet and in EquiSearch.
  • A story about the trap-neuter-return program being shared nationally via a new grant appeared in the Sacramento Bee and in Vetstreet.
  • Dr. Richard Hill, an associate professor of small animal medicine at UF and a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, was quoted in Popular Science March 20 relating to a recent recall of Beneful dog food.
  • A story about stem-cell research in dogs in which Dr. Anna Dunlap, a UF small animal orthopedic fellow was quoted, appeared in the Orlando Sentinel, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, and in other outlets.
  • Dr. Cynda Crawford was quoted in the Chicago Tribune and in VetStreet about canine influenza virus.
  • The college’s annual Open House was covered in the Gainesville Sun both before and after the event.
  • Dr. Margo Macpherson was quoted in The Horse in an article about pregnancy failure in horses.

March 2015:

February 2015:

  • A story about a cat that benefited from a unique human/veterinary dental collaboration between Dr. Fong Wong of the UF College of Dentistry and Dr. Amy Stone of the UFCVM was covered by DVM360. The story originally was released from UF in November.
  • Little AnnaRose Van Sciver, a UF Health transplant recipient, visited the UF Small Animal Hospital with her mother, Cean Van Sciver, and a team from UF’s Dance Marathon group on Jan. 23. AnnaRose’s journey was captured on video by Dance Marathon for the group’s “Milestones” campaign and will be completed soon. A photo album capturing AnnaRose’s visit appears on the college’s Facebook page here and was also covered on the UF Health webpage.
  • A story about a new tick virus discovery reported on by Dr. Katherine Sayler continues to appear in news outlets. Additional outlets carrying the story included the Gainesville Sun and the Ocala Star Banner, AVMAVets and the U.S. Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health, as well as U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (, in NBC-40.Net (New Jersey) and many other outlets.

January 2015:

  • A story about a new non-profit foundation launched by two children to benefit cancer research at the UFCVM appeared in numerous publications online after its original publication on PRWeb.
  • Pathologists at the UFCVM performed the necropsy of a horse that died along with its rider in Davie, Florida. The Sun-Sentinel covered the story.
  • Dr. Rob MacKay, a professor of large animal medicine at the UFCVM, was quoted on the topic of monensin toxicity in horses in an article in The Horse.
  • Dr. Sarah Boston’s story about how she came to write her new book, Lucky Dog, published earlier this year by House of Anansi Press, was featured on Ivanhoe Newswire.
  • Dr. Serena Craft was quoted in an Associated Press story relating to horse deaths in South Florida being linked to monensin toxicity. The story appeared in the Gainesville Sun, the Ocala Star-Banner,, The Detroit News and many other news outlets.
  • Dr. Janet Yamamoto’s appointment as a Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors was covered in multiple news outlets, including  Veterinary Practice News.
  • A story about a new tick virus discovered by Dr. Katherine Sayler, a former UFCVM doctoral student, appeared in U.S. News & World Report/Health News, News4Jax , Bovine Veterinarian, Philadelphia Inquirer ( and other outlets and blogs.