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Open House Talks and Demonstrations

Small Animal Hospital

  • Internal Medicine Endoscopy: Watch veterinarians use cameras to explore the airways of live dogs, a diagnostic method commonly used to remove foreign bodies and see inside of airways!
  • Linear Accelerator Tour: Ever wonder how animals with cancer were treated? Come tour our linear accelerator, used for radiation therapy, and talk to our amazing oncologists.
  • Underwater Canine Treadmill Demonstration: After joint reconstruction surgery, or dealing with the pain of arthritis, dogs need rehab too! Come see how we make our canine friends feel better with underwater therapy.
  • Dialysis Demonstration: Watch a demonstration on how dialysis works with some fun food coloring and our critical care team!
  • Cardiology Echocardiograms: See how veterinarians look at the hearts and bloodflow of our live canine patients using an ultrasound.
  • Zoological Medicine: Meet the Creatures! Talk to two of our zoo med tech and see some of the wild patients we have seen this past year, as well as meeting our resident tortoises and other wildlife.

Large Animal Hospital

Due to the small size of many demonstration areas and monitors being used, space may be limited. Demonstrations will be on a first come, first served basis. As many are using live animals, times are subject to change.

  • Equine Treadmill Demonstration: A horse on a treadmill?! You have to see it to believe it!
  • Late Pregnant Mare Ultrasound: Have you ever wanted to see a sonogram of a baby horse inside its mother? This is your chance!
  •  Lameness Localizer Demonstration: See how our veterinarians use advanced technology to discover the trouble area causing your horse’s lameness.

Also featuring our student groups putting on fun children activities including:

  • Feeding our African Bullfrog
  • Face painting
  • Making your own cat and dog toys
  • Decorating piggy banks
  • Pin the tail on the Dairy Cow
  • And many more!