The College Financial Services Office

It is our mission to provide friendly, prompt, reliable and accurate service to our vendors, faculty, staff and students, while consistently following University of Florida and Florida Foundation rules, policies and guidelines.


  • Processing all purchases, either by purchase requisition or P-card
  • Setting up new vendors
  • Maintaining operating leases & maintenance agreements.

Sebastian-Rodriguez-Natali,  Budget CRD 2, 352-294-4861, Cell 352-843-4667

Devony Harnist, Accountant, 352-294-4052

Alice Bliss-Dodd, Office Assistant, 352-294-4360

Shannon Branton,  Purchasing Assistant, 352-294-4053

Alfred Price, Purchasing Assistant, 352-294-8572

Disbursements & Grants

The Disbursement department records all invoice payments to internal and external vendors for the UF Veterinary Hospitals, the department of small animal clinical sciences, the department of large animal clinical sciences, the Dean’s office and Administration.

  • Voucher Processing
  • E2R journals
  • Foundation transactions

Judy Chastain, Accounting, CRD 3, 352-294-3384

Sara Keith, Accountant, 352-294-4011

Tina Priz, Grants Accountant 1, 352-294-4087

Barbara Cromwell, Fiscal Assistant II, 352-294-8430

Megan Holland, Fiscal Assistant II, 352-294-4043

Sharon Kitchen, Fiscal Assistant II, 352-294-4177

Ana Garcia, Senior Fiscal Assistant, 352-294-4315

Jennifer Green, OPS/Fiscal Assistant, 352-294-5185


The Pcard/Travel/Deposits/Imaging department is responsible for approving all Pcard and travel expense charges, approving purchase requisitions in the myUFL market system and preparing deposits for the college and hospitals.

  • Approve Pcard & Travel Expenses
  • Prepare deposits
  • Mail invoices

Christine Best, Accounting Coordinator III,  352-294-4034

Sam T. Parks, Fiscal Assistant Sr, 352-294-4715

Deborah Y. Johnson, Fiscal Assistant, Sr, 352-294-4042

Sonia Hodges, Office Assistant, 352-294-4097


The Reconciliation/Journals/Research department reconciles all cost centers’ departmental ledgers, records E2E transactions, and researches transaction information, as needed, for the college and hospitals.

  • Departmental Ledger Reconciliation
  • E2E journals
  • Research

Alexander Hernandez, Accounting CRD 1 352-294-4037

Melissa Gifford, Fiscal Assistant Sr, 352-294-4041

Dionne Slaughter, OPS/Fiscal Assistant, 352-273-5240

College/Hospital Accounting

The hospital accounting team is responsible for the hospital maintenance fund 186 and the fiscal operation of the Florida Veterinary Medicine Faculty Association.

  • Record all transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Oversee annual audit
  • Maintain the monthly hospital census

Erin Schmidt, Accounting CRD 3, 352-294-4037

Mindy Bryant, Accountant III, 352-294-4060

Mary Rebecca Reed, Accountant II, 352-294-4053

Kerri A. Beckham, Fiscal Assistant, 352-294-4053

Central Stores/Mailroom

Central Stores order requests and inquiries:

Central Stores Catalog: SharePoint “Central Supply Item List”

David Sproule, Purchasing Agent Sr, 352-294-4694 Cell 352-443-9327

TBA (Central Stores), Warehouse/Stores Assistant

Patricia Kay Pearson (Mailroom) Storekeeper/Receiving Clerk 352-213-2042

Kathryn Zimmerman (Mailroom) Warehouse/OPS 352-226-5274