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Strategic Plan

College Mission Statement:
The advancement of the health and welfare of animals, humans and the veterinary medical profession through world-class education, innovative research and state-of-the-art clinical services.”

Since the fall of 2013, the College has been working on developing a strategic plan to identify key directions for our future. With Dean James W. Lloyd spearheading this effort, input has been sought from many external and internal stakeholders.

Starting in October of that year, we reached out for input from these stakeholder groups, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, organized veterinary medical associations and others who have a strong interest in the College’s success. We sought measurable data from these groups through a series of survey questions, the results of which were then collated (with assistance from a consultant) and are now posted here on our website (see below.)

In addition, we conducted numerous forums, meetings, small group gatherings, and interviews to validate, complement, and complete the survey results. Subsequently, our executive leadership team held a retreat to sort through the data and pinpoint areas where we as a college can have the greatest impact as we move forward together. The strong consensus that emerged from all of these activities was that our vision for the UF CVM is to become a preeminent College of Veterinary Medicine in each of our core missions of teaching, research and clinical service.

Nearly two years later, we have moved through the planning process and have identified, fine-tuned and focused our priorities. These priorities will clearly become investments of time, resources and passion as we strive toward our vision of truly being recognized as preeminent in teaching, research, and clinical service. We are also posting  regular updates in our monthly internal newsletter, the Veterinary Page. You can find those here. As we progress, we will be posting further updates.

Stay tuned!

Strategic Plan Results Question 1

Strategic Plan Results Question 2

Strategic Plan Results Question 3

Strategic Plan Results Question 4

Strategic Plan Results Question 5

Strategic Plan Results Question 6